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movement stopped

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i have been feeling movement for a while now, but tuesday night i realized i hadn't felt something in a bit. i called the midwife yesterday, but she was in a birth and didn't get back to me until 7pm and she was home by then. still no movement.

i have tried everything: juice, coffee, ice water, sugar, laying, sitting...

i wouldn't worry (i'm almost 18 weeks) except i know there was movement before. i had an appt with the midwife last thurs, and there was a heartbeat and all was fine...but...

i'm FREAKED out. i'm going in at 11 am (when she gets to the office) to check for a heartbeat. send me good vibes. this morning is DRAGGING.
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Sending you the BEST of vibes.
Hope all is well! FWIW, this early on, it's quite common to feel movement irregularly and still have everything be fine. Fetal movement doesn't become a daily occurence until much later in the 2nd tri and it's also why we're not advised to do kick counts, etc. until the 3rd trimester. Still, it's nervewracking, isn't it?

Please keep us updated!

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I don't know what time zone you're in, but it's just after 11am here where I am, and I wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you!
I hope everything is OK! I keep having a day or two in a row with no movement, and it FREAKS ME OUT.
Don't worry so much. You're only 18 weeks - regular movement is as normal as irregular movement.
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Thinking of you.
my god...went in to the midwives and they found the heartbeat right away, after which i burst into tears.

god, being a mom (pregnant and otherwise) makes me crazy!

thanks for all your kind words.


DOn't feel bad...that's what your care providers are there for. You did exactly the right thing.

Now go relax...have some comfort food or something
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Yay, I am happy it is okay.

What does your signiture mean? Your placentia was never birthed last time? I thought that caused maternal death...

Originally Posted by Spring Sun View Post
Yay, I am happy it is okay.

What does your signiture mean? Your placentia was never birthed last time? I thought that caused maternal death...
Perhaps it had to be manually/surgically removed and did not come out whole?
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I'm glad all is well!! I wonder if babe was just turned facing inwards and kicking to the inside for a bit?
So glad everything is okay!

I'm still paranoid at 16wks and checking the hb with my Doppler daily. Will be glad when the little swimmy starts kicking more regularly!
i feel like that should be the title of a report...

my placenta did not come out last time. after 16 hours of unmedicated back labor, birthing a 9.5 lb baby girl, my placenta refused to budge. i was heaved onto my haunches into the squatting position = no luck. my midwife tugged at my umbilical cord = it snapped and snaked back into my closing cervix, had to be clamped with the help of an OB, then i had a clamped fragment of cord hanging out of my parts. my cervix started to close....

at that point it had been 30 minutes after the baby came out and my midwife said i had to go in for a D&C. thankfully, the post-birth hormones had me sky high, so i was like, "sure, whatever!" my poor husband was freaking out, there was blood all over, and he didn't know what a D&C was...

they took me into the OR, knocked me unconscious, and had to rip my placenta out in pieces. my midwife said it "wasn't pretty." but all was well. i ahd to stay in the hospital for 3 days b/c so many folks had been "up in there" and they wanted to give me IV antibiotics and monitor that my uterus contracted, no bleeding, etc. all was fine.

i think the placenta is amazing--an organ that we grow and shed...fascinating. i really wanted the placenta tour and to see it and maybe to eat i was sad it didn't come out.

then, after i had my retained placenta, two of my girlfriends had them: one was manually removed by midwife (b/c her cervix stayed open), one surgically removed and she had to have a blood transfusion afterwards b/c she lost so much blood. wow.

so, that's a retained placenta ladies. not the worst thing that can happen during birth, but not too fun!
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