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Hi ladies!

Our daughter just turned a month old yesterday; we have been CDing since birth and loving it! She's a serious chunker and it looks like we're going to be heading into mediums a little earlier than expected, so I come seeking guidance from ye wise ones!

So far, we have used mainly prefolds (premium infant, cpf and ipf) and covers (proraps and siww), with the occasional fb, wonderoo, or bum-ware aio (LOVE them!) thrown in for good measure. As you can see, we're pretty simple (a plus for pf
ing dh).

Getting the prefolds around dd's chubby belly is proving more and more difficult, and I find myself frustrated by the shape of them. As I look into making my next big purchase of a medium stash, are there other things I should be considering? I'm not sure if I should just go with another round of prefolds and covers or if I should be trying fitteds or something else as well. Unfortunately, cost is a factor. Hopefully she'll stay in the next size a bit longer, so I can justify spending a little more.

Please share your opinions and recommendations! Thanks in advance!
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