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I bet you'd like fitteds. I found cpf's were great when DS was a newborn/small infant.......but later the cpf's just didn't fit as well.

For cost factors you could always go for some one-size diapers (would probably fit her perfectly now) or a 2-size system.

Some of the ones I like.......

One Size-
Motherease One Size
Muttaqins (a little more pricey, though)

2-size system-
Sugar Peas

All of those diapers are easily accessible, work well, hold up well, and are affordable.

And have you considered wool? Wool is great!

My favorites....(work great and affordable)....

Sugar Peas wool (about $20 each)---LOVE them!
BJ Marketplace Soakers (about $20 each)

Have fun!
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