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Moving from crib to big girl bed

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How old was your child when you moved them to a toddler bed? DS was 22 months when he went straight from our bed to his own (never used a crib). DD has been sleeping in her own crib/room since 9 months (now 17 months) and sleeps much better this way than with us. I'm looking forward to getting her "big girl bed" which will be a full-size mattress & boxsprings on the floor with mesh rails on each side and pillows on the end.

I guess I'm concerned about her not being [gasp] confined, KWIM? She is a tad bit of a climber and I don't want her to hurt herself on her furniture. She has yet to try to climb out of the crib...which is good. My tentative plan is to wait until she tries that trick before biting the bullet and moving her.

90% of the time, she'd be fine...but there are those random days when she doesn't want to be put back down for bed @ 3 AM.

I thought I could let big brother sleep with her once in a while, but she just does better if she has her own space.

Any advice?
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Well I'm interested in the replies you get, but I thought I'd share that you might have plenty of time to think about this! My dd also sleeps better in her crib. We moved her out of our bed at 14 mos when she started running on the bed and scaring us and wouldn't settle to go to sleep until past midnight. We were all tired and miserable. She has done great in her crib, and has never tried to climb out (only in). She's now 31 mos! I still haven't figured out how to transition her, and I'm waiting until she shows an interest in potty training now. I'm quite nervous about it too.
DS slept with us until about 10 months when it stopped working for everyone. Then I moved him gently to a crib. He really liked the crib, so I was a little worried about moving him. He's just now moved to a big boy bed just shy of 2.5 years old. No real reason other than that I wanted to transition him before the baby comes so he doesn't think the baby is taking his bed in the same way.

I took him to the furniture store to pick out the bed, we ordered it and talked about it for the 2 weeks until it came. He ws pretty excited. I made him a special quilt for his bed. The day the furniture truck came, I let him watch the whole process. He doesn't speak very well, but he was still telling the assemblers "big boy" and pointing it at. That night, he slept in it with no problems. He's only gotten up a couple of times, and I just remind him that it's bedtime and tuck him back in. Two nights ago, he was sick, so he did sleep with us.

I put up a gate at his door, so when he gets up, he just calls for me. I would worry about him getting hurt in the house otherwise.
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19 months old we got her a dora toddler bed and she has a gate at her door.She loves her bed.
If she can climb out of the crib, it's time to get rid of the crib. The fall from that far up is far worse, not to mention other injuries (my stepsister got a leg caught in the rail while her body went over the top, breaking her leg).
My dd was around 30 months when she went into her big girl bed. (she never used a crib) It took about a week (if that) of getting used to, but after that it was smooth sailing. We have no problems at all. She does come in our bed in the middle of the night though but we have no problem w/ that.
My kids transitioned between 1 and 1 1/2 yo. As soon as they started to climb I put them in a bed. In the case of the older two I had old couch cushions that I piled up beside the bed just in case...although they didn't fall out after the first couple of weeks. When they did fall out starting out they didn't even wake up
. My youngest one started with a matress on the floor. I taught them at night time we stay in bed by staying with them for the first few nights and just tucking them in again when they got up. I also responded when they talked to me. I do use a gate at the bedroom door, but we go whenever called. I'm just not comfortable with the prospect of a baby wandering around the upstairs in the dark without supervision. But the gate in the doorway hasn't been a problem so far.
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We have one of those video monitors in her room...we have always shut her door when she is sleeping, in case big brother wakes her up accidentally. I never thought about using a gate instead....Don't you worry that they'll wake up if there is noise?
Noises don't wake my kids up, generally. The only exception would be if it's close to wake up time anyways. The baby is an early riser so any noise really after about 4 or 5 and he'll get up.

I've never had quiet at nap time though. I was raised in a house with 6 children and there was always noise. As a result, I can sleep through anything - cept my baby cries
. Dh was raised in a very small family. His older sister is several years older and his younger brother is 15 years younger. His mom kept things pretty calm and quiet and he wakes up whenever a car drives past. He's generally pretty miserable because he gets woken up so many time a night.

When our babies came he was in the "let's keep it quiet so baby can nap" camp and I was just like "are you crazy? Let's vacuum, listen to loud music and run the blender...better yet lets do it all at the same time!!"
It's not quite that loud here, but there is enough noise that my kids have learned to sleep through it.

Ds1 has shared a room with both babies so far and dd has shared a room with the baby. Neither of them will wake up even when the baby is full blown screaming and won't calm.
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We just started transitioning DD this month, when she turned 14 months. We're using her (previously unused) crob which converts to a toddler bed- We put a twin mattress on the floor next to the crib, so it's about a 5-6" drop. I don't know if she could have climbed out of the crib, but I wasn't going to take any chances- She's a very good climber elsewhere in the house. Plus she needs to nurse to sleep and I couldn't figure out how to do that in the crib with all four sides!

Speaking of which, she just woke up so it's time to bring her to our bed and time for me to go to sleep!
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