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moving in 1 week, haven't started packing!

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We are moving kind of suddenly and I haven't started packing yet. We still have boxes from years ago that haven't been unpacked.
Dh and tend to hang onto everything and I form attachments to things that make no sense. I need some motivation/support/miracle so our next place doesn't end up as cluttered as this one!
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Don't think of this as some horrible tragedy that you need a miracle to fix. Think of it as your chance for a new beginning. I could have written your post 6 months ago, and I'm now living with, I'd say 75% less clutter.

You've got to get started packing for this move very soon. I don't know how big of a house you have, but we left it to three days before, and if my In-Laws wouldn't have come in and screamed at me, I'd have never gotten it all done.

The boxes of stuff from your last move are packed. Forget about them for now, but keep them in the same place.

Then, pack the things that are dear to you first, and label those boxes clearly with what room they're going to go into. Don't worry too much about how much time this takes. Pack them securely so they don't get broken.

When you have everything that matters, start scooping your clutter into boxes. If you have time to do some decluttering at this stage, or if you want to make an executiv decision like "Anything that even looks like a piece of paper goes in the garbage," do that. That's what we did. Label the clutter boxes as such.

In the new house, designate a room (or half the garage) for the clutter boxes and boxes of stuff that you never unpacked. Unpack the things that are dear to you and start living.

If you really need something out of the clutter boxes, go find it. But don't bring anything out of the clutter room because you see it and remember it, or feel sorry for it, or whatever. It can stay there for now. Eventually, you'll find that you don't have to go into the clutter room as much, and hopefully by that stage some of the emotional attachments will have waned, and you can start going through the clutter and selling, donating, or trashing a lot of it.

We did this 4 months after our move. The stuff I couldn't bear to throw away or sell is in a single line of boxes in our garage, and our clutter room is now our office.
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Minky- that's such a great suggestion. We'll be moving into our addition some time in 2009, and I love the idea of "the clutter doesn't cross the threshold." It should work great for us.
I am right in the middle of moving! It is overwhelming. I have to get my whole house ready to put on the market while my husband is in our new apartment 100's of miles away for his new job. I miss him and have been working through with lots of help from a few of my friends. My parents have come to help only 2x.(abandonment issues definitely) Most of the time, unless I have someone with me, I find all kinds of other things to do that are important. I really appreciate the PP suggestions. I guess I am still on track. I will follow the new suggestions and keep plugging along.
Some of my friends were mad at me for 'letting' my husband not be here helping, but I also have to say that
he is a hoarder in denial
so having him not here trying to keep everything is more of a help than anything else. Once I have explained it, we are all on the same page.
I am almost done with the repairs so most of what is left is to paint all of the rooms warm neutral colors and all the trim a nice shiny clean white.
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Thanks for the support.
I've freecycled a ton of stuff, and I am making some progress.
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