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We are moving from a large 3 bedroom house (with garage and basement) to a small, 2 bedroom apartment across the country. We decided to do a major decluttering and sell everything we own except for what we can fit in our sedan to drive across the country.

We need to get rid of this stuff, so if you're interested, make me an offer. I'm also open to trades (to be shipped to us after we have moved). I'm especially in need of yarn or someone to help make Halloween costumes (sewing and knitting) since I'll be busy with the move.

All prices do not include shipping.


For Mama:

Maternity clothes: see this thread for everything
Franco Sarto black shoes - size 7 - used very little - $10
Biolage Curl Defining Creme - brand new, never used - $5

Pictures of the following coming soon:
Eddie Bauer Linen skirt (flowy, ankle-length with buttons up front) - $10

DKNY Jeans brand gray fleece shirt (has a high collar, not quite a mock turtleneck, but high like that) very comfy - size L - $5

Brooks Brothers tan shorts - really nice -size 14 - $5

Old Navy geometric funky purse - $4

Nike Alpha Project Running outfit:
teal, navy and white striped shirt - small - this is the softest running shirt I've ever felt - great for base layers - $8
matching teal running shorts - size L (I'd say they're more like a medium) - $8 or $14 for both

CP Shades designer olive green rayon pants - size M - $10

For baby/child:

Bandana bib (could be used for Western dress up for a toddler too) - handmade, very nice - $4
My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow - used only about 5 times - same fabric as in this link: - $10

Podaegi baby carriers (homemade back from when I ran On Mama's Back Korean Podaegis - these are very basic, one layer) - asking $20 per podaegi
solid eggplant color (large with extra long straps - would fit plus size)

Homemade Moby wrap - basically it's just 6 yds of cotton knit (t-shirt) fabric unhemmed. Works great as a Moby wrap style carrier. - $7

Blue's Clues Halloween costume - 3T/4T - $12
Homemade Dalmation Halloween costume - Carter wore this when he was 8mos and it was too big - $10 (picture taken showing the backside so you can see the tail - it's looks the same in the front, minus the tail)
Warm navy velour bunting 3-6mo - great for newborns outside - never worn - $7
Children's Place stocking cap with ear flaps - striped white and lt. green 0-6mo - gently used - $3

Pea green EC fleece split crotch pants - homemade, not the highest quality, but they definitely work! - free for shipping
EC prefold belt (2 of them) - orange fleece - homemade, not the highest quality, but it works well! - free for shipping

Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicines by Stephen Cummings - $4
Sunset Western Garden Book - good used condition - $11
The Family Homeopath by Robin Hayfield - good used condition - $10
The Chopra Center Cookbook (Ayurvedic cookbook) - brand new - $10
The Birth Book by William Sears - gently used - $7
The Baby Book by William Sears - gently used - $10
Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul - brand new - $5
Anne Geddes Pure (pregnancy and newborn photos) - $10
Yoga for Pregnancy by Rosalind Widdowson - brand new - $8
Is this your Child? by Doris Rapp - used - $6

Books on CD:
No One to Trust by Irish Johansen - $7
Vittorio the Vampire by Anne Rice - $7
Catch me if you can (book on tape)by Frank Abagnale $5 cover is slightly wrinkled

Mothering magazine back issues: see this thread for specific issues


Big ole' bag of film - 30+ rolls - black and white, color 100, 200, 400 - mostly Kokak but some other brands in there too (my dad is a photographer and gave me lots of his film) - the whole bag for $10


Handmade Little Red Riding Hood Reversible dollThis is an exceptionally well-made doll that is Little Red Riding Hood, but when you flip her over and her skirt over she turns into Grandma. And when you turn over Grandma's bonnet, she turns into the Wolf! So you can tell the whole story with one doll (minus the woodsman). - $13 brand new *PENDING*

Four wooden bowls and scoop (bowls 2 1/2" wide - from Montessori Services catalog) great for preschoolers to practice transferring - $3 *PENDING*

Humpty-dumpty wooden puzzle - I think it's like 7 pieces - $4 *PENDING*

Old Navy maternity pink trenchcoat with white stitching - XL really cute ($5) (color most accurate in this picture) *PENDING*

reddish brick color podaegi *PENDING*

Tie dye newborn onsie - small - $3 *PENDING*

Patagonia fleece booties blue and lime green print - says kids medium, but it's made for a 0-6mo, maybe a little older? - gently used - $4 *PENDING*

Robeez booties - cream with tan fuzzy lining - 0-6mo - like new - $10 *PENDING*
Nordstrom one piece short sleeved boys shortalls - 24 month - blue and tan Hawaiian print - gently used - $4 *PENDING*

Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew - brand new - $10 *PENDING*

Midwifery Today Magazines (asking $2 a magazine):
interventions - autumn 2002*PENDING*
postpartum - spring 2002 *PENDING*

Homebirth Supplies (all brand new - never used - from Cascade Birth Supply) - everything for $3 *PENDING*
10 Chux pads
EZ Scrub Povidone-Iodine (Surgical scrub brush/sponge)
Umbilical Cord Clamp
Gauze Sponges (2 packs) I have two of them

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Do you have a pict
of Old Navy maternity pink trenchcoat with white stitching - XL really cute ($5)

Warm navy velour bunting 3-6mo - great for newborns outside - never worn - $7

I don't mean to be picky but pink isn't my 1st choice of colors and I can only wear a certain shade or it makes me look
: !!!


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Originally Posted by birthjunkie27
Hi Andrea, is the pink ON maternity coat still available? I'll take it if it is (and are those tages I see on it? Is it brand new?)
Yep, it's available and yes, those are tags. It's brand new (wrong season when I got it, but I couldn't resist!) LOL
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