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Anyone in Atlanta area need any of this? Some of it is free if you can just drive over and get it. We're moving and this isn't going with us. (Plus the realtor is coming over on Wednesday, yipes!)

Avent Isis pump, with bottle and milk storage bags -- $5

50 back issues of Mothering and 20 issues of compleat mother -- $25/or make an offer

About 30 back issues of Family Fun -- $6 or free with Mothering mag purchase!

The rest of this is all free:
Some random issues of Natl Geographic
Some random issues of Scientific American
A year's worth of issues to Cucina Italiana (italian cooking mag)
6 pair of vinyl pull-up diaper covers -- size S, Dappi and Alexis brand
Nikky velcro covers -- 3 NB, 2M, 2L, 1XL
6 small velcro wraps -- various brand Diaperrap and Literap

Also, if you know a family in need of baby boy clothes, I can give you a bag full. I was going to mail them to my sis, but she really has plenty!

Please email me: [email protected] and I'll respond in the order received.
Thanks, thanks and more thanks....
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