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moving to charlottesville -- ISO ped

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Any suggestions for an AP-friendly pediatrician in Charlottesville? We are interested in delayed vax and would rather not fight with someone...

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wanted to bump this thread b/c we are moving to Cville in May and are looking for an AP ped too!
Try Gregory Gelburd, D.O. at Downtown Family Healthcare. He is not specifically a pediatrician but, we wanted a family practicioner. He is very AP friendly. There is also an M.D., a mid-wife and someone who does massage therapy. Dr. Gelburd practices homeopathy as well. This practice was a dream come true for us. We travel from Richmond to use them. They are on 2nd Street (in the area of the Discovery Museum) and the phone number is 434-817-1818. Good Luck! I hope you find what you're looking for. I searched Richmond for 10 years before finding Dr. Gelburd in Charlottesville.
Thank you SO MUCH!!! He sounds great!!

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Hi -

I've put together a Google Group for Mothering moms in C'ville so we can talk in more "real time" and plan play groups and other get togethers. If you're interested in joining (there's only a handful of us), please email me at [email protected] and I'll add you to the list! best, Lisa
if you don't mind a short (20 minute) drive, check out Palmyra Family and Internal Medicine in Palmyra. They have 2 peds on staff - Dr. Mark Niehaus and Dr. Paige Nolte. We used to live there and I worked closely with Dr. Niehaus before I became pregnant. We chose him and he is WONDERFUL! we've since moved 1 hour and 45 minutes away and we STILL go there! We haven't vaxed at all yet (ds is 21 mos) and he is supportive of that. He's also laid out recommendations for us when we start (spacing, separating the combined vaxes, etc...). we still breastfeed. we cosleep. we CD. he's supportive of everything we do. and either he or dr. nolte are on call 24/7, so if you have a question at 2am, they will answer a page. they have hospital priveleges at Martha Jefferson.
hope this helps!
hi! I am also new to the area, so take this advice with a grain of salt! We just started at Piedmont Pediatrics, and they have been great so far. We saw Dr. Boersma and she was fine with our delayed schedule and even split up the MMR for us, no questions asked.
I use Dr Quillian at Northridge Peeds, she's awesome and has a "whatever works for your family" kind of approach when it comes to AP, cosleep, bf, vax, etc. I also hear wonderful things about Dr Jim Ogan (434) 296-8666, who has a single practice and friends say he's very into AP, bf, etc.
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