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Moving to Columbia---HELP!!!

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Hey mamas. So my dh and I just decided to move our family all the way across the country to Columbia, SC. We have an opportunity to take over the mortgage of a beautiful house my in-laws own. I'm happy and sad. I'm excited about finally owning a home. But I'm super sad because I will be leaving my family behind, and leaving all my AP mama friends behind. There are sooooooo many ap mama's in Portland, Oregon. I'm worried that I won't find anything like this in SC. I've never even been there! Can any of you point me in the direction of anything and everything AP in SC? I'm really nervous about the move and I'd love to meet mamas who have the same sort of values that I have when I get there in June. Any suggestions on cool restaurants, grocery stores, farmers markets, shops, etc? TIA!!!
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While I'm not in COla (I'm in Charleston), I know there are moms on MDC from the area. I hope you find the people you're looking for...I think it's pretty safe to say that Cola is not near as AP-friendly as Portland. The state does license homebirth midwives (which is good and bad...) and there is a very active LLL in the state. I know a few moms in Cola who are AP. Most are LLL leaders/members. So, I'd say that'd be your best start. And of course, meeting some MDC moms! Good luck on your move!
Hi Jenn,
I sent you a message on the Yahoo AP group site, but thought I'd say Hi here too! I'm moving to Tega Cay Sc in June! NC/SC has not been to "crunchy" friendly so far, but I'm looking for other people like me. I'd love to meet you when you move!
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