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Dh just got a job offer yesterday for a job at Ft Belvoir. We're currently in Tucson so we're gonna be doing a cross country move. They want him there in 1-2 weeks. So I've got some questions...I'm totally overwhelmed with how much needs to be done!
  1. Good places to live? I've heard Woodbridge would be a terrible commute to Belvoir? What about Springfield? We're looking for at least 3 bedrooms, a place with a good sized back yard, and prob around $2000/mo in rent?
  2. Are there crunchy areas? Crunchy playgroups? I looked up the bfing laws in VA and they don't seem very good. Have you ever run into problems NIP?
  3. Pediatricians or family doctors? I need one that is non-vaxing friendly. Also we're going to need a good allergist as well. Any recommendations?
  4. Pediatric chiropractors? Again, any good recs? I hate to just pick one out of the phone book, kwim?
  5. Any preschool recommendations? Ds should be in preschool for this school year...I hope I can find one that I can get him into. Academics are not a big concern of mine, I'm more interested in him learning some very basic structure. He's never been in any sort of school or daycare setting and I just want him to get used to how "school" works before kindergarten next year. I'm thinking of sending him to montessori but I'm interested in other preschools as well.
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