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Moving to Ft.Collins area

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Hello! We (DH,DS(who just turned one
) and I) will be moving from Denver to Ft. Collins in the next few months. We are just waiting for our home in Denver to sell. We are very excited about the move and I would like any advice reguarding the area. We don't know anyone up there with kids so info on peds and ob/gyn or midwifes would be excellent. I am a SAHM and any information on playgoups in the area would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your help!
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Hi! My kids are older than yours, but I may have a few resources in mind. FTC is very friendly to SAHMs b/c there are a lot around here - probably b/c jobs pay so poorly that no one can afford to work :LOL

You may want to check out the Women's Center and Mother's Center. The Mother's Center sets up play groups & has lots of stuff going on. The Mother's Center can be found at:

For peds, I have been very happy with Dr. Carole Beno at the Fort Collins Youth Clinic. My girls bf until about 2 1/2, co-slept, are vegetarian, & are partially vaxed. She never gave me a problem about any of this. I don't know how she would feel about no vaxes, though, if you are going that route. They have lots of other docs @ the youth clinic, if you want a male doc for your son.

I was happy with WomanCare for midwives. They are a CNM practice & they do deliver at PVH (our local hospital). If you are looking for a homebirth midwife, I believe that Beth Karberg is the main one up here. I have heard very good things about her. Sorry that I don't have a phone # for her.
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Hi! I hardly ever check this place but I'm glad I did. I second the Youth Clinic but I warn you about how darn big they are!! hey are huge practice! But that might be relative since I went to Dr. Elliot (my kid's ped) Dr.Beard as a child myself and they were much, much smaller then.

Womencare is also where I went for my dd and ds births and all my well-women care. Beth is also wonderful women though I don't have any exspirence with her as a midwife but our children where at River Song Waldorf school together.

There is an Attachment parenting group that meets something like every other week at CSU somewhere. I haven't been because I teach in Boulder and they meet around lunchtime when I am still in school.

There really is lots of stuff to do if your a SAHM that is either free or very low cost (I was a SAHM when my 1st was younger)!

PM me if you would like more info...I have lived in FTC for 18 years so I *feel* like I know a lot about it! And Welcome!!!
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I belong to the API group out in FC (aka Mother's Circle). We meet 2nd and 4th tues. of the month. We have an email group, if you'd like to join just email me at [email protected] I can forward you're info to the moderator (api leader) and she can add you to our list. Great group, you can find out about peds., ob/midwives, etc. Hope to see you there!
Thank you all so much for your advice and ideas. We are still sitting here waiting for our town home to sell...some times it seem like it will never happen, but I know when it does Ft. Collins will be a great place to live. For now, DH will have to commute
which means 12 hour days alone with DS... Anyway, I will definitely contact you when the time comes and we finally move....

ooh yeah, we have been toying with the idea of living in Wellington, DH works in Old Town so it seems like it would be a quick drive to and from work...any thoughts on that would be great. Thanks again for all of your advice and ideas!!!!!
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we, too, are waiting for our house (in Missouri) to sell so we can move to Fort Collins. Dh has applied to the DVM program for Fall '05, but I'm ready to pack up and go!

Good luck selling your townhouse.
By the way, I've been posting all over the place, looking for more info/trying to make connections in Ft. Collins. So far, it looks like a fabulous place to be.
I hope everything works out for the best. I hope to see you at a play group there soon.

I posted a reply to previous thread... re: moms' favorite links. You may want to look at that. Hopefully the moms will have the time to reply & will find the post!
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Michelle Leigh,

I have an almost 4 y/o dd & almost 6 y/o dd. Once you get out here, if you would like to get kids together to play, email me. Good luck in selling your house!
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