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Moving to Jersey City- where to deliver?

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We have decided to leave Brooklyn, where I know my way around and can sort out the best caregivers and facilities, and move to Jersey City, where I know nothing and no one. (Twice the space for $100 more/mo.) All I know so far is that the hospitals nearest to us are supposed to be the pits, so I really need some guidance in figuring out where to deliver.

We will be geographically close to Manhattan, but I would rather not worry about rush hour traffic or the tunnel being backed up, so I'm looking for something in NJ.

I would have liked a midwife, but more likely will need to go with an OB b/c there are apparently no freestanding birthing centers in the state of NJ, and the closest hospital where midwives have privileges is about 30 miles away. It's fine though, I can do an OB, I just need someone who is respectful of my wishes and would be open to us possibly using a doula.

Please, please let me know if you have any suggestions for doctors, doulas if or facilities in the area. I work long hours in Manhattan, so probably can't go much past 10 miles from JC.

Oh, and I need to see someone *soon* as I'm in my 12th week and haven't had bloodwork or other tests done yet! Help!

Thanks in advance!

PS- there are 4 hospitals relatively close to JC that i would be curious to know if anyone has thoughts about:
1. St. Mary's/Lourdes Pavilion in Passaic
2. Hackensack U Med Ctr
3. Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck
4. Englewood
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i gave birth at pascack valley hospital in westwood. one of the midwives from the childbirth and women's wellness center which is in englewood attended. i switched to them from an OB and was very happy with the care they provided. i was given the freedom to make my own decisions regarding my care and ended up giving birth 100% naturally to a 10 pound 5 ounce baby girl! they also have 2 late nights to accomodate working moms and those who aren't right there in englewood. pascack valley hospital is also a very beautiful facility. they have very helpful lactation consultants on staff, allow rooming in, have a birthing tub, and the nurses were great. PM me for their number if you're interested, i don't have it with me right now. i actually was living in elizabeth when i gave birth and drove 45 minutes to pascack! good luck! i'd be more than willing to meet for coffee or something too to give you more details--a talk with another mom like that is what convinced me to switch!
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