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Moving to Metrowest - need LOTS of advice!!

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We live in San Francisco. I have an almost 5 year old and an almost 2 year old. It looks like we might be moving to the Metrowest this Fall. I'm from Western MA so MA is not completely foreign to me. But I don't know the greater Boston area very well at all. My husband's office will be based in Acton and we are thinking of the Acton/Concord area to buy a home. We are not too worried about sticker shock since we are coming from the Bay Area (believe it or not MA looks cheap to us).

I would love advice about communities that are family oriented and AP friendly. And I'm really interested in public schools that have some creativity and community building aspects to them. We love Waldorf but part of the reason we are moving to MA is because we can't afford private.

If anyone can advise that would be great. And if people know good resources for learning more about the area and in particular about the schools that would be great.

Thanks so much! Deb
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HI Deb! I live in metrowest. Feel free to send me a personal message (through my profile...Click on my username to do it).
I'll let another friend know about this thread. She may know more about the Acton area.

I dont know specifics about Acton/Concord, but I can tell you the Concord area is very nice. Parts of Walden Pond is in Concord. I have heard conflicting things about Acton.
Im not sure about the schools, But I do know that Concord is pretty afmily oriented and there are lots of things to do around there and the surrounding towns.
We have a playgroup for the MA moms here at mdc and most of us live in that area. So it will be great to hook up with us and Im sure someone in the group has more information for you, and could proably show you all the best places..
I live in Carlisle, which borders Concord. The area here is really beautiful. Carlisle has min. lot sizes of 2 acres so if you are interested in land its a good place to look. The Concord & Carlisle schools are consistently rated very highly in the state. Together, they have a regional high school (concord/carlisle reg. hs). Concord is very family oriented, has nice shops & some rest. Carlisle is also family oriented, although the neighborhood feel is a bit harder to come by due to lot sizes & street configurations. There is also no industry in Carlisle so the tax base is entirely based on property taxes. There is one general store. Other than that you need to go elsewhere for stuff. Not really a big deal. I have 5 or 6 grocery stores within 5 miles. There are also lots of farmstands & freshly grown produce around. Lots of childrens activities nearby (children's museum, butterfly place, farms with animals, music classes, sports classes, etc).

If you have specific questions, please feel free to PM me. Also, don't know what kind of house you are looking for but the house next door to me is for sale and we recently saw another colonial in pretty good shape also on sale. At the moment it is a buyers market in both Concord and Carlisle.

I have also heard mixed reviews of Acton. It is more built up and has more industry. Not quite as charming as Concord/Carlisle but not as expensive either.
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Lincoln and Sudbury are also great. Both have big lot sizes and a pretty rural feel. School system is well rated.

Concord has a really cute town center area but is also the most expensive. Weston is lovely but more manicured, lots of BIG money in Weston.

Maynard and Wayland also are great towns. A little cheaper than the other I mentioned. Wayland, like acton, actually has commercialproperty.

All of the above are family oriented and I have nursed and babyworn everywhere with never a cross look. It isn't like Cambridge where you walk down the street and everyone else is slinging their babe too but that is mostly due to the smaller populations in the rural towns.
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