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Moving to Murfreesboro

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I am moving to Murfreesboro TN and I would love to talk to other Mamas living there.

I need to find a house, This should be fun! I really dont want to live in a development, we want land and most of the listings I have seen have no land.

Cant wait to talk to other murfreesboro mamas

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Hi, I live in Knoxville but my inlaws live in Murfreesboro. If you drive outside of the city limits a bit there is definitely land! I hope you find an enjoyable place to live there.
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Me 2! I hope I like it there. Seems really crowded, but my hubby and I are thinking of looking 20 mins outside of the area. Perhaps in Williamson county. I have no idea how far that would be from MTSU, where he works.
If you go east or towards shelbyville there's tons of land that's inexpensive. Good Luck!
Williamson County is gentry country (i.e. not cheap). Land is generally quite expensive out there. If your DH is working at MTSU (I graduated from there, actually) you can look towards Woodbury for more land. Christiana is on the way to Shelbyville. You could also look towards Lascassas and Lebanon for land options.

Good luck!

Oh, and if you've never lived in TN before, be prepared for a bit of a culture shock.
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I'm in Smyrna 15 minutes out of the boro. Look towards Shelbyville or Woodbury for some land. Williamson county is really pricey but all the areas are pretty nice. I hope you find what your looking for.
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