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Moving to NOLA next week.

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My husband has been living in NOLA for almost a year and we are finally going to live with him. We have already taken care of school, Waldorf School of New Orleans, but I need more information on Holistic resources in the area, such as grocery stores, doctors and pediatricians.

Thanks in advance :)
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Just wondering if you ever found a holistic doctor you like. I'm looking for one in NOLA (for me, not the kiddos).
Welcome to New Orleans! I have a 2-year old and have been seeing Dr. Keith Capone in Lakeview since she was born. Love him! He's very respectful of parents' individual wishes and is very holistic friendly. My daughter has really bad acid reflux and he worked with us to find several alternative treatments for her. He also loves the Waldorf school, which is a plus in my book. Hope that helps!
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