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Moving to northern MN

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Hey everyone. We are looking at moving to northern MN sometime in the next 3 years. What are some good places to check out? Any AP friendly towns? Co-ops or natural food stores? where would you pick if you could??
Any info is great. I live in Utah now and would like to plan a trip for the end of summer.
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Definately Duluth should be at the top of your list!! I lived in No. MN for eight years. Bemidji has some pockets of AP practicing folks, but is far more conservative as a whole than Duluth. Plus the north shore is simply incredible! You'll love northern MN!

Grand Marais, definitely!
My SIL who is as crunchy as crunch gets, lived there for 5 years recently, and loved it, as far as AP-style folk go.
It's a very artsy community, too.
And just beautiful.
Another vote for Grand Marais - plus, it's close to Duluth (the "big" city, lol)

Northern MN is gorgeous - if you can, check out anywhere along the North shore of Lake Superior.

and come visit us in the Twin Cities now & then!
Thanks Mamas! I will definatly check out those cities. A friend (non-AP) told me about Virginia, any thoughts on this area??
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We live in Bemidji, it's about 4 hrs North of Twin cities, and I miss the city!

There are a bunch of us crunchy yahoos up here, a coop, Natural foods store, BSUniversity, lots of stay at home moms and a bunch of stay at home dads too.

Job situaltion up here kinda stinks. People who do find a job end up staying there for 27 yrs, and neverleave, cuz they know it's real slim pickins up here!

Lots of small businesses up here, which is cool.

We came because it is soooo pretty, and my DH is Native from Red Lake, so he has relatives.

St.Cloud seems kinda cool.

I wonder how Ely is? It seems cool, but never been there myself.

you're more than welcome to come stay with us if you wanna check out the town. Any friend of MDC is a friend of mine!
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Virginia is way up on the Iron Range, and I know nothing about it now, but back in the 1980's it was quite depressed economically- I don't know if it's any better. We have cousins who grew up around there. Somehow I don't see it as being very AP-friendly, but I don't really know.
yeah I was kinda figurning that Virginia wouldnt be AP friendly but I was just hoping!

Thanks Sarah, I will let you know when I make it over there! DH and I both have online businesses so as far as the economy goes that isnt a problem for us.
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