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Moving to Saint Louis

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Hello, I am a west coast girl but am moving to saint louis in a couple weeks (Arnold specifically). I am looking for a pediatrition who won't push me to wean at 12 months. Any suggestions? I would like it to be close to Arnold. If anyone lives in that area I am also interested in baby activites. Our library here does sing and reading days for babes 6-18 months. Anything like that would be appreciated.
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We got to Webster Family Physicians. Dr Wessling isn't exactly ap but at least with our family he told us where he stood and then never brought it up again. He knows that dd is still nursing a lot at 2 and hasn't ever suggested weaning. He is a little strange, my friends who know, say it is something about him being German. In all we like him and the practice. Our whole family goes although my dh and I see the other Dr in the practice. Dr Aplyn. We would all go to her but she doesn't see young children.

Welcome to the area!
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