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Moving to Saratoga

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We are moving to Saratoga this spring and I am very excited! However, I need to find a nursery school for next fall as I will be going back to work eventually. We are going to visit the Waldorf School and know lots about the Free School in Albany. However, I was wondering if anyone know of any great nursery schools in Saratoga that are more free-play oriented? It would be a great help to get some recommendations. Thanks so much.
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Hi and Welcome to Saratoga. I am sure you will enjoy the city. It is a great place to raise a family.

You should look into the Saratoga Independent School. They have an interesting mixed age program for elementary. I have heard good things about their pre-school.

Also, I heard someone is opening a new Montesorri school in Malta and have also heard of a Montesorri preschool in Greenfield.

Good luck in your search for a program!
Welcome to NY's Capital District! I live in Altamont, so I'm only 45 min or so south of you guys.

Some places to look into...

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm looking into everything. The trouble I am finding is that at this time of year most programs are full and I have twins and need space for 2. I will still be home next year, but when they turn 4, I have to go back to work and kind of want them to be in the same school. Overall I am very excited. We will be going up in a couple of weeks to check out house rentals. We want to rent for a while to see about neighborhoods before we buy. Thanks again.
Hey I'm selling my house in Saratoga... PM me if interested.. It's in a booming area...
I live in Saratoga too! We love it here. If I can answer any questions you may have please do not hesitate to ask!

I had no idea they were opening up a Montessori School in Malta! Anyone know where in Malta?
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Great to hear you are coming to Saratoga. You said you have checked out the Waldorf School, however I was not sure if you were aware, not only do they have the preschool options 2, 3, or 5 day, but they are starting up a 2 year old program as well. I am sure it will be fabulous, the current kindergarten teacher is thinking of taking it over and she is great. Enjoy Saratoga!
Thanks. I'm pretty excited about the Waldorf School. I went to a Waldorf School in high school so I am familiar with their philosophy. We will be visiting Saratoga very soon. Hopefully we will find a decent house to rent.
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