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Moving to the S/SW Chicago Suburbs...anyone out there?

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Ok, so big change of plans! We thought we were going to be moving to the N/NW suburbs (thank you to all who answered ?'s about those areas) & to make a very long story short, we're going to be in the south suburbs. I grew up in Homewood & know the south suburban area very well. We would like to live in Tinley Park & are beginning to look this weekend for houses. Is anyone out there from near Tinley or thereabouts? Any good AP groups/activities, etc?? What are your 2 cents about the Tinley/Orland area?

Thanks in advance!!
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I grew up in BI and Alsip but am in Aurora now. The only thing I know is that theres a huge hs group out that way. Sorry can't be of more help.
I just posted to your other post about the North/Northwest suburbs before I looked at this thread. Congrats on moving back to your old stomping ground!
We're in Homewood - we moved here in July of last year, so we're still finding our way around in some ways. Tinley and Orland are nice in that they're lively, there's shopping (including a Trader Joe's in OP), and I expect they're both safe (as H-F is.) I don't know much about the schools. Haven't found any AP groups around here, but I'm in Homewood and I'm normal and friendly.
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Hi, I'm out near Joliet. Used to live in Mokena and attend the Palos LLL. there's an AP playgroup that formed out of the Palos LLL. They're on yahoo as APChicagoSouth. Also, API has a local chapter in Tinley, leaders Beth and Poppy, both awesome. And Beth also leads the local Holistic Moms w/Karen. Both Karen H and Beth B are in the yahoo playgroup. If you look on the API site and the Holistic Moms Network site you can find their contact info.
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