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Moving to Weston, MA

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Hello everyone,
My husband just got word that he has been accepted to a graduate program and we will be moving to the Weston, MA area this summer. We have been living in western MA for the past 5 years and a move seems overwhelming right now. Since we have lived here we have had 2 babies ( a 2 1/2 year old and a 8 month old). The older one is very bold, confident and in need of social outlets so I was hoping to find a preschool for her to attend. Can anyone recommend anything? We tend to lean toward more gentle, nurturing philosophy and have been attending Waldorf playgroups since she was 5 weeks old. Also, since that area is more..."prosperous" than what we are used to I am feeling just generally intimidated. Is there anyone like me out there. (a SAHM who is completely dedicated to her children with no plans in the near future to go back to work, if at all possible). Pediatricain ideas? Playgroups? Fun activities? Please help!
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I live in nearby Framingham and my two older boys go to the Sudbury Cooperative Preschool and they really love it; lots of parent involvement, gentle discipline, and not too expensive.

In the summer we buy a share from Stearns Farm (a CSA in Framingham); the shares are all sold by the new year, but it's still a great place to visit, play, and pick flowers. There's a children's garden and there are tons of kids there on pick-up days and even helping in the fields.
There is also a farm in Weston where we've done u-pick berries and tomatoes before:
There are lots of state park areas and playgrounds and libraries of course.
There's also a Natural Family Living playgroup that gets together locally:

We used to drive all the way to Brookline to a holisitic pediatrician, but when she stopped taking our insurance recently we decided to try someone local. So far we've been happy with the people at Southborough Pediatrics; we see Dr. Stacy Maslow at the Framingham office on route 9; Dr. Alan Lobovits in the same practice is also good--I believe his daughter is studying to become a midwife; they're still a mainstream office, but don't really care that we don't vax, circ, eat vegan, etc.

Let us know when you make the move!

- Krista
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I'm in Natick...Not too far from Weston.

For pediatricians, I go to the same place that Krista does.
Southboro Medical Group in Framingham. My son sees Dr. Alan Lobovits. (I chose Dr. Lobovitz because he has a lot of experience with special needs children). Another good pediatrician there is Dr. Zaref. He's VERY good and gentle with children (we see him when Dr Lobovitz isn't in).
Their phone # is: 508-872-1260.

I don't know of preschools in Weston itself but I do know that the Eliot Montessori school in Natick is supposed to be great. The grounds are lovely and it's near Elm Bank Reservation (which I highly recommend!)!
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