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Hello, I am currently in very, very northern California and moving to Wichita, KS the week before Thanksgiving. At the time I'll be about 25 weeks, and I am hoping to get a heads up on finding a midwife in the area. We had boy with a CNM in Dallas who we loved. She has a free-standing birth center and the whole experience was wonderful. We are wanting to homebirth this go round, but we are also looking at the birth center option again as at this point we don't know what our housing situation will be.<br><br>
Has anyone else had to find new care mid-pregnancy, or does anyone know of a good place to look into?<br><br>
Thanks a bunch,<br><br>
Samantha, mother of the <span style="color:#FF0000;">red-headed</span> boy and the pretty <span style="color:#0000FF;">blue +</span>
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