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moving with a 1.5 year old??

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my daughter is 16 months old right now and we may be moving in a few months.i'm not sure if there is really anything to do to prepare her but i thought i would ask.if anyone out there has moved with a young toddler and has any advice i would love to hear it.anything that worked well?anything that didn't work well?anything you wished you would have done?

thanks for any help!
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We moved back to the states when dd was nearly 2. I knew it would be a tough transition for her, so I just set my expectations accordingly. I took it really slow once we were in our new home...tried to make lots of time for dd, time to just play and have fun together. It really helped that we were still co-sleeping, and I put off working on weaning (yeah, ours was more parent-led than child-led) until we were really settled in. I do think that major transitions are probably easier when parents do a lot of AP stuff. Little ones can be reassured that everything is okay b/c mommy and daddy are still there, like always.
We moved when my son was 18 months and honestly it really was no biggie. My only advice is that it really isn't the best time to change something like a crib to a bed or even making the crib into a toddler bed (removing the side). Otherwise I am sure everything will be fine.
We also moved when our son was 18 months and it was no problem for him either. We took 2 weeks to drive with our stuff and visit family along the way. He thought it was great! I really don't think he even remembers our old house. And once we got here, we switched houses 3 times in 2 months! Again, no problems! I agree with the above poster- it made it an easy transition that we were co-sleeping and breastfeeding. Good luck!

We moved when ds was 18 mos old and the only difficult thing for him was his bedroom. We put all the furniture in the exact same position, but it took about a month before he really felt comfortable sleeping in there more than 1/2 the night, the other 1/2 he spent in our bed.

Other than that, he loved the new house and still loves that we're close to our families!
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i feel less anxious already.thanks mamas.

i think it's going to be harder on me than it will on her.the place we're at now is where my daughter was born and i think i'm going to have a hard time leaving that spot behind.

she's already seen the new house and was super comfortable there.she does seem to be entering a transition phase though and i expect a few steps backwards.she's been super interested in the potty lately but i'm reluctant to get out the little potty for her now because of the possibility of moving in a few months.she's also been nursing much less but i imagine if we move that will pick back up.

i was just thinking about trying to keep her room as similar as possible.last summer i made all these paper butterflies and hung them from her ceiling.i'll have to make sure to hang them in her new room so there's something familiar to see.

i'm so happy to hear your positive experiances.thanks!
Glad to have found this thread. We are moving with our 18month old next month and I have been very anxious about it.
I thought about getting a 'big girl bed', but I guess this isn't the time to try that!!
thanks for the advice mama's!
Oooh interesting thread! We'll be moving in a couple of months, too, and our dd will be right around 18 months. It had never even occurred to me to worry about the transition at all! We'll actually be living with my aunt temporarily, and she loves visiting her - she gets mad when we leave. I'm hoping for the best!
We have moved at every age! 4 times in 3 years!LOL!
WE moved when ds was about 15 months old= no big deal for him
We moved when ds was a bit over 2= he will still talk about our old house and some old friends.]
He still calls this our new house. He was fine tho. It was not to big a deal. We said goodbye to the old house and on the way we went.
We are almost finished moving with ds who is 20months. We have been living with dh's parents while we ready the house and we take ds with us every time we go down there. So far, things have gone pretty well, the only thing we have had a little difficulty with is napping, but it has been much easier than I expected. Btw, he loves the new house. It has a big fenced in backyard and our neighbors (dh's friends since he was a babe) have 2 children 5 and 3 and a puppy
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We'll be moving soon too with our son who is 13 months now so he'll probably be more like 15 months when we actually move. Glad to hear its been relatively easy for everyone!
We just moved with my dd, who is 16 months old. Fortunately for us, the move was only across the city. We moved very gradually, a little each day, until all that was left in the "old" house was essentials. We took DD with us to the new house every day and let her wander around to see our things in their new places. I don't know if she really understood, but we also talked a lot about how this room was our new bedroom, our new bathtub, her new playroom, etc.

By the time we moved in completely, about a week and a half later, she acted like she had alwyas lived here.
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