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QUESTION 1: As you can imagine I've been mildly obsessing over Mr. Right's arrival, though I have stopped short of planning the wedding.
LOL. I was wondering, can you tell me what he looks like?


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Hi lady,

Thank you for your patience, I have been out of town and now getting ready for my Mindful Spirit Expo!

I wanted to be able to focus on your questions.

Your Mr. Right is tall, dark and handsome, duh. LOL

Okay, okay, that's so lame, I know. But I can tell you that it's not far off. He is tall, not super, but say around 6'. He's got a chiseled face. You know, with a strong chin and jaw line. He's got soft brown eyes, that have an amazing depth to them. Big hands. ;)

He's neither large nor small. Just sort of perfect for his height. He doesn't look particularly athletic to me, but he's not overweight either. Black hair. He laughs a lot and thinks he's Mr. Funny, but we talked about that didn't we?

Those are the physical characteristics that I "see".
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