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review by gbernstein

Hi! I ordered a bag of this tea - Milk Water Tea (along with the Bars and Munch Crunch) - upon the recommendation of a co-worker of mine. At first I was a little hesitant as I hadn't heard about the company before and I could only order them on-line (as they are made in San Francisco, California and only sell in stores there) and I live all the way cross country!

But my co-worker said they worked very well for her ("like a charm" and raved about it). So I took a chance.

And I am SO happy I did! My supply went up in less than 2 days! I was having issues pumping enough for my son who is taken care of by my mother while I work part-time. And it was very stressful being able to produce enough and i definitely did NOT want to supplement with formula if I could have helped it. I tried some other things (other teas, tinctures/drops, and fenugreek pills) but I was still struggling.

The tea comes loose so I did have to go out and get a tea ball (and a strainer, if you want to prepare it the traditional way) and that made it a little harder to drink at work, but it was still fine. I drank a cup right before pumping and I started producing an addition 3-4+ ounces. Oh MY GOD!

After a week or so the owner or founder (I think) even followed up with me to see how I was doing and I thought that was really nice and thoughtful. I also liked her story - about the recipes she uses being passed on from mother to mother in her family for generations. And I liked that she is nursing a baby too.

The flavor is strong, but I like strong flavors. But it was sweetened with stevia, so that was fine.

Anyways, I highly recommend.

results within 2 days, fresh, good flavor, liked the background storyneeded a tea ball, could only order on-line,

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