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My Morning Treat

review by gbernstein

Upon the recommendation of my co-worker, I bought a package of Mrs. Patel's Milk Makers, which included these bar. Gah! They are so yummy. They definitely are strong and you can really taste the fenugreek, but I loved them and can't get enough. I popped them in the freezer and every morning before work I treat myself to one bar with my morning decaf. And I savor each bite. The peanut butter layer just melts on my tongue. My husband even tried to sneak a couple of bars, but I didn't let him. These are my Mama Treats!

As for them working, I definitely think they work. I took them along with the Milk Water Tea so I'm not sure which worked most (my supply went up by 3-4oz+). But there are a bunch of galactagogues in them, so something's working!

And I loved the story behind them. Made my a mom in San Francisco and the recipes are based on something passed on to her from mother to mother in her family for years. And she emailed me a week later to check-in on me and I really liked that personal touch and I liked supporting a mom business.

I did have to by them on-line and have them shipped but they only took 2 days to get here.

Love these and definitely recommend them!

works, yummy, increased my supplycan get pricey, need to be shipped, might be too strong for some

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