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msnbc connected coast to coast

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Hi! I just have to vent here.....
I was watching msnbc today...they have a show on called "connected coast to coast" it is hosted by ron reagan and monica crowly. They were discussing NIP. Ron Reagan was totally for it and said he really truly doesn't understand the problem and what is the big deal. Monica Crowley said that she feels like her rights are being violated by women who are trying breastfeed in public. She said that she has a right to go to dinner without seeing someone breastfeed. Ron said that that was ridiculous and said that that was like saying that you have a right to go to dinner and not see an ugly person. THey also had a panel on to debate this.....this is some of the more incredibly STUPID comments that came out of this.

from monica crowley "i'll think its ok to breast feed in public as soon as its ok to concieve babies in public"

from one of the panelists "people in the 'third word' cover themselves with veils so that people can't see them, there's no reason why we can't do that in this country"

from monica crowley "breastfeeding is a intimate act between a mother and her child and should only be done in privacy"

and the granddaddy of them all:........
from one of the panelists in regards to the comment that babies need to eat "babies need to be conceived too, but we don't to THAT in public"

Anyway....i was very angry by the time I was done watching that segment, except I was very very proud of Ron Reagan for standing up to all these crazy women that were against NIP.
there is a little poll on their webste about whether nursing in public is offensive...i voted NO. I also emailed them.
I just had to vent about that some people that would understand what I was saying.
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is what is says at the link above

June 08, 2005
sacred yet...somehow sickening
Today was part 2 of my stint as a pro-public breastfeeding pundit, this time on Ron Reagan's Crossroads on MSNBC. Ron and I were Team Pro. Team Con was the blonde host-woman whose name I can't remember, and Charlotte Allen, of the Independent Women's Forum. Ron rocked it with a general attitude of disbelief and confusion about why anyone would possibly be bothered by seeing breastfeeding.

Team Con was concerned mostly with two seemingly contradictory issues:

1. Breastfeeding is a sacred act and must be treated with sanctity (in the privacy of ones home, or under the sanctity of, for example, a diaper, if home is not an option)

2. Breastfeeding is yucky and no one should have to see it. Why not go sit in a bathroom stall or your parked car (always comfortable, especiallly in the warmer months...and a nice safe option in parking lots and poor neighborhoods too!).

If it's so sacred, why should it happen in the toilet? These and many other arguments against breastfeeding in public continue to puzzle me.

And while I'm on the subject of hypocrisy... When I suggested that discouraging women from leaving home with their infants was not realistic or beneficial for anybody trying to exclusively nurse for 6 months (as per the AAP), Team Con suggested that working mothers seem to do "just fine" by pumping. I disagreed. And imagine my surprise when I found this little nugget in something Charlotte Allen wrote last week:

"you surely know that it's difficult for most women, especially in poor countries, to combine the holding of a job with extended breast-feeding."

OK. This breastfeeding stuff is starting to bore even us "fanatics" now, so unless something significant happens, we're going to make a real effort to move on to other pastures tomorrow. In the meantime, if you want to check out the current breastfeeding stats here's a good place to start.
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That woman is stupid!

I have a picture from a National Geographic that shows a woman in full islamic clothing, veil & everything you can only see her eyes, However she is nursing her baby and you can see her chest from her shoulder to her areola. :LOL

Maybe we could learn something from this picture.

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We just got back from Vacation yesterday and were surprised at all the bf furor thanks to Barbara Walters earluer comments on the View. So now I know who you are, Janice! My husband thought the blonde was just an epty head speaking the other side of the coin and since you say she was with the con team, I guess that nails it. How can that woman suggest a woman sit in a bathroom stall and nurse her child? How ridiculous she sounded when she said food in a restaraunt was unsanitary as a bathroom. And that IWF lady, I know the exact comment you mean. Isn't she the one who wrote the article about how she thinks formula is god's gift to women so they can work? What an oxymoron she and her website are. I mean, the utter disgust and loathing, the sheer hatred she had in her eyes when she spoke of breastfeeding women and quoting from the Bible! What an unhappy woman. I thought really offensive was the woman who wrote in about setting standards in ursing -- howe dare she write in as though all of us don;t exist who've been setting standards, or the La Leche League.
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I think part of the problem is that they need someone on these shows who can run over the mouths of the cons so to speak. Strike a how dare you attitude towards those women. How dare they be so ignorant? Accuse them of fearing their own bodies. And did you notice the IWF lady never answered directly when asked what or why she was offended by breast feeding? What a ham.
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