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Is this found on the karyotype or a seperate test?

Also, if you are taking extra folic acid (1600mcg in all) will it give a false negative on the homocysteine test?
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I don't know about the second question, but mine was discovered during the clotting panel.
My homocysteine levels have been tested as part of a cholesterol panel, clotting panel & as a separate test. My understanding is that taking high folic acid in conjunction with B6 & B12 lowers homocysteine, rather then masking higher levels. Homocysteine in and of itself isn't dangerous; it is an indication of other (possibly undefined) issues or risks.
Mine was also discovered on the recurrent pregnancy loss panel. My understanding is that recent pregnancy and folate supplementation can alter homocysteine levels. My two cents, regardless of test results, I wanted empirical treatment after my third consecutive loss. I hope you get the care you need and deserve.

MTHFR is a completely separate test to the karyotype.

My understanding was that folic acid can alter the test results, however at the time I was tested, I wasn't aware of that and I was taking high dose folic acid.

When I mentioned it to my RE, he wasn't concerned. I had only been taking the tabs for about 2 weeks prior though.
So basically my OB dropped the ball?! Why the hell wasn't this on my original RPL panel?!?! It makes me want to throw up!

I will call my PCP on Monday and ask her about the folic acid and request she add the MTHFR test as well. What it is it called?

I don't know what I'm going to do if this comes back positive and the path report on the placenta is bad. Really, the thought of it makes me ill.
Hmmmm....I am not so sure as I am pretty new to all of this.

But, my understanding is that MTHFR is a gene mutation, which in and of itself doesn't necessarily mean much. It CAN effect homocystein levels, which high levels are a risk for miscarriage. Folic acid will have an effect on homocystein levels, but it wouldn't be able to change a gene mutation, which you either have or don't have.


*just read the other posts and it looks like what I wrote has already been mentioned. sorry for the repeat!*
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