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mucous in poop

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My pedi says that dd's poop has mucous in it and that it's a sign of poor digestion. Anyone know anything about this?? I'm wondering if it's her digestion or something I'm eating,....or neither and she's fine.

Thanks Mama's!
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Mucousy, green poops can be a sign of an allergy in the baby. What color are your baby's poops? Does she have any other signs of a possible allergy (i.e. fussiness during/after feedings, inconsolable crying for long periods, sleep disturbances, sudden waking in obvious discomfort, eczema (etc.), congestion, wheezing, blood in the poop)?

If her poop is yellow, and she seems fine otherwise (and is gaining weight well, etc.), I wouldn't worry about it.


This is a clear sign that your baby is not tolerating something in your diet. Most likely dairy products or wheat/gluten.

My dd1 had this and it disappeared as soon as I quit dairy products. DD2 also had this (though to a much larger degree
) and she is highly allergic to wheat/gluten (in my diet - - she's never consumed these on her own.)

IMO, it IS something to be concerned about as it can lead to bigger problems down the road. Try to eliminate dairy for a couple of weeks and see if it clears up. If not, try wheat. In my experience, wheat can take much longer to leave the system.
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Her poop is quite yellow, it's just stringy sometimes, and definately not all the time. She is often fussy a bit after she's eaten, and always wakes at 5:00am with gas. I don't think it's a severe problem, but I bet if I try dairy she'll be fine. If I've determined it's dairy, how long before I can reintroduce? Is goat milk okay?

Thanks so much for the help.
I'm not sure about the goat milk. I reintroduced dairy when dd was about 9 months old. She did better then when her intestinal tract was more mature, though today, too much dairy makes her constipated.

I think stringy poopy can be a sign of yeast overgrowth. Post over in health and healing and see what people say over there. People will know about goat milk over there too.

This link is helpful, though it's not working right now for some reason.
It tells about the color of poopies and what it means.

Maybe it'll work later. I hope so.
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