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Mukilteo, redmond or bothell???

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I got many great responses when i asked about the issaquah and renton areas. We eventually decided on a house in issaquah highlands. I was so excited about it and wrote the owner and told her that we wanted it and asked her what we needed to do to secure a lease. she wrote back and said that she would send the application and terms that week. When I didn't have them at the end of the week, I wrote again to make sure that everything was okay and to lether know that we definitely still wanted it and we were just waiting on the papers. she finally wrote back the next week and said that she gave it to someone else because they were already there. I was sooo bummed...I really had my heart set on that house and since we were needing to move very soon, we didn't reallyhave time to look for another. i am again....the new houses that we are considering are in redmond, mukilteo and bothell. which would you recommend? I'm looking for the most family friendly, safe area. good schools, parks, activities for toddlers, etc.

thanks so much for all your help..again!!
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Where will you or your husband be working?

Bothell is split over Lake Washington, so it's close to both Bellevue and Seattle, depending on where your husband will work. Redmond is close to Bellevue, but you would have a further commute to Seattle. Mukilteo (Muh-kill-tee-oh) is way out by the water... ok to get to Seattle but quite a commute for Bellevue or Redmond.

I don't know if you're planning on homeschooling down the line... but Mukilteo School District is not as good as the others.

Personally, if I had to choose between the three I would pick Bothell. FWIW, I used to live in Redmond, then Bothell, then Lake Forest Park. We're now in Mill Creek.
I currently live in Bothell. I agree with a PP who said they are all safe, and equally family friendly. I do notice, though, that there are a lot of things to do in Redmond with kids. Always seems like things i notice going on are happening there. Bothell is very nice, though, but doesn't have a *super* great downtown location. It's kind of slow. Redmond has a nice downtown area, and so does Mukilteo. Mukilteo is nice because you're very close to Puget Sound (right on it, basically) but I agree that the SD isn't as good as the Northshore SD (Bothell) or the Lake Wa SD (Redmond).

I think if I had to choose I"d pick Redmond... but then again where will your DH be working? If it's Bellevue he'll be really close. Seattle can be a bit annoying to commute to from there because you have to take the 520 bridge, which can be testy.
I live in Redmond and am very happy here. Lots of parks, it's CLOSE to seattle, but traffic can be a problem. i get to downtown seattle in 15 minutes if no traffic. the downtown is cute, it has a GREAT farmer's market in the summer and the best dog park in western washington if you have a pup.
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I live in Bothell and love it! I used to live in Redmond and the traffic was a little too much.
Another Bothell mom here
I love being close to everything I need to get to. I like that it is a little slower though. I am also in the Northshore school district which is supposed to be one of the best- not that I care though because we are homeschooling, but they have lots of support for homeschoolers around here.
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