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multicultural holiday traditions

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This seemed like the best place to ask this question so if it isn't hopefully it will get moved to the right place. Both my husbands family and my own celebrate Cristmas(trees, Santa...) but really none of us are Christians. It seems pretty silly to me to do the whole commercialized thing when we aren't really doing the religious aspect. Of course I have been met with nothing but protest at the idea of not celebrating Christmas. What I would like to do is teach my daught why we celbrate Christmas and also incorporate other winter celebrations, decorations, and traditions in the mix. It is a pretty overwhelming task trying to research all of the different holidays and celebration and then figure out how to incorporate them into our holiday season. My daughter is 2 so for this year and the next few years I want to make homemade decorations and read books about different celebrations and holidays. Does anyone have any suggestions about books about different holidays for kids, traditions, or crafts that I can include? Around here it is mostly Christmas everywhere you look for childrens holiday books. Thanks
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