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multiple issues - need ur advice

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i just need some thougths on how to move towards my goal and what resources to look at.

i am a single mom of a 33 month old dd. her dad is active in her life and pays me a small amount of CS and half daycare. we are still married but separated.

what i would really like to do is move to a nearby city which has a much better school system and an awesome homeschool group and a great family oreinted community which my dd longs for (she is extremely social). i would really like to hs or rather unschool my dd as that is what works for her really well. but if i do put her in school it wont be as bad as the ones here mainly due to the parent involvement.

instead of working i would like to go back to school and get my degree and then teach. but the univ. at the place i want to move to is expensive and so is the cost of living. for right now i feel i might have to work just to pay bills.

my main concern is finance (isnt everybody's?!!). i dont qualify for welfare. i have to file for bankrupcy with the debt i carry from my marriage. yet i think i make just a dollar an hour more than what would be considered as low income.

the only support system i have is friends who will let me live in their house if i become homeless but not in the city i want to live in.

where do i look for answers?

this is my POA. i am planning to go to the univ and talk to a counsellor and find out where i stand once summer break is over. hopefully i can find out financial situation too. i just learnt about co-abode to find maybe housesharing. i can budget fairly well and can live cheap.

sometimes i feel so overwhelmed by everything and i am so scared of being homeless. yet i dont really know what to do. this is the first time i am going to make such a big change happen.

all i know is i want to spend as much time as i can with my dd instead of working at a low paying job adn getting to see her for 3 hours a day.

i know this is a general post and i dont know if u have any answers. but any thougths would be really welcome.
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It sounds like you are well on your way.
Checking out financial info and housing possibilities at the university is a great way to start. You may even find some other single parents going to school who you could live with too.

There are never any guarantees and no decisions you make are permanent. If you try things and it doesn't work out, you can look at other options.

I think if you follow your heart you will find that doors open and things start happening all over the place.

Good luck.
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