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I am breast feeding and not giving my dd any rice cereal (because she has constipation issues and the dr. said not to). She is not getting any iron supplements so my dr recomended polyvisol drops or something like that. It is a multivitamin with iron. Does anyone have any experience with these drops? I am very concerned about her becommng anemic but don't really know if I should be worried. Not crazy about a supplement either Let me know if anyone has any thoughts on this. Thanks

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IMO, your baby doesn't need supplements. If she's not exhibiting signs of being anemic, then she's fine. A dip in iron levels around her age is normal. That's the way nature intended it. My 9 month old just recently started picking at solids (he's probably swallowed less than 2 tablespoons in his entire life), and he's never had cereal. My family practioner says that he's fine having breastmilk as his main source of nutrition for the first 2 years and that he doesn't need supplements.

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I wouldn't give the vit. supplements to an infant unless you absoultely had to (ie: baby was severly anemic). Your baby's iron levels are probably just fine, most ebf babies do not become anemic. The Dr. often does a test at the 9mo. check-up to test the levels.

What I would suggest is that you offer your baby foods that are naturally high in iron, instead of the rice cereal. Here are some examples:

Foods that are high in iron include:
(I have added the aprox. recommended ages to this list.)

•Tuna - 10-12+mos.
•dried beans (lima, lentils, kidney) - aprox. 8-9+mos.
•winter squash - 6+mos.
•sweet potatoes - 6+mos.
•meat & poultry (beef, pork, turkey, chicken) - 8-10+mos.
•greens (ie:spinach) - aprox. 8+mos.
•tomato - 12mos.
•egg yolks - 8-9+mos.
•dried fruit (figs, apricots, prunes, raisins) - 12mos.
•prune juice - 6+mos.
•tofu - aprox. 8-9+mos.
•whole grains (cooked cracked wheat, cornmeal, millet, brown rice, farina, bran, breads) - 6+mos. with the exception of wheat which shouldn't be given until at least 8-10+mos.

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