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Muscle fatigue

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I did a google search but couldn't really find anything, so...

Does anyone know if muscle fatigue is a normal symptom of pregnancy? I'm a violinist for the opera and I have to hold my right arm up (holds the bow) for long stretches of time. Ever since the beginning of pregnancy I've had a real hard time with this. My arm gets exhausted and I have to put it down much sooner, and take breaks while everyone else is still playing. I'm principal of my section so this is kind of embarrassing!

I'm 33 weeks now and it seems even worse. I guess I am just wondering if anyone else experiences this... is it normal and will I have my stamina for my job back after delivery, or should I start weight-lifting after the baby comes in order to continue my career?

Thanks all...
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I don't know how normal it is, as my midwife had never heard of it, but I had it too. I was extremely weak during my first trimester, it got better during my second, and now that I'm in my third trimester it's coming back. I certainly hope it goes away after delivery.
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