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I sent my husband looking for marshmallow root to another store after the herb shop closed, because I had a very unpleasant case of mastitis (breast infection). He got confused and went there asking for MUSHROOM root, lol. But anyway, the woman working there was a friend of ours, who had a midwife for her last pregnancy, and she said that mushrooms were dangerous to eat during pregnancy. HUH? I never heard this before, and when I looked it up online, it just said mushrooms are a great source of zinc. Has anyone ever heard this?
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Nope, never heard that. If you listened to every "bad for you in pregnancy" recommendation, you'd have serious malnutrition.
I've heard that uncooked mushrooms are unsafe for children. They are grown in large amounts of manure & difficult to clean, with all those little crevices.

ETA: I'm trying to google some references, since this was just something I heard from another mom. So far I've found this, but it's not about manure:

One last thought: never eat raw mushrooms, even the store-bought button mushrooms, so often found served raw in salads or on vegetable platters. All mushrooms have natural pesticides in them. These get cooked out of most edible mushrooms. Some edible mushrooms, like the morel, may make you very sick if eaten raw. Other raw mushrooms may build up toxins in your system over a period of time. Our advice is to not eat raw mushrooms, even if you've never had a problem in the past.

I've found a couple of other similar references, but they all said it was for digestibility -- that raw mushrooms, even white button ones, were very hard to digest and could cause irritation and sickness.
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