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I'm not an expert, but my DD has taken violin for 2 years so I've learn a little. Many places rent violins and that can be a good way to start. My DD's first violin cost us $14/per month. We felt this was a good option because we didn't know if she would stick with it once she started and we didn't want to force her because of the money for the instrument. Also, the violin has to be the right size for the child and they can hit a growth spurt and outgrow their violin. If you are renting, you just take it back and they give you the next size up. If you own, you start all over again.

There is a wide variety of quality in violins, even in small sizes. I don't know how to judge the quality. I think that if you found a teacher, they should know enough to be able to help you find a decent violin.

One way to find a teacher is to contact a symphony or university in your area. Most keep a list of good teachers for instruments. $60-$70 a month is pretty typical.
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