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Another trained Suzuki Violin teacher her (in fact, Miranda, do you run a Suzuki website for Canadians? I think I ran across it a few weeks back and loved it...) and I also have worked for a large music store as a string specialist for years. Miranda's post was excellent about the Suzuki Method- I just went through some pretty extensive Suzuki training, and am more convinced than ever what a good fit the Suzuki approach is with AP ideals.

And, as someone very well educated about the string instrument world, I have to agree with what has been said about violins found on ebay. In our shop, we very often call them (bluntly) violin shaped objects. They look like violins, but very often, they are simply not playable. We can do everything we can at a music store with luthiers and everything else, and never get them tot he point that they can actually make a sound. The pegs will slip or stick, the bridge won't stay in place, and very often fundamental angles and things are off to the degree that makes playing the instrument impossible. My advice is to find a music store near you and rent for awhile- often a portion of each rental payment goes towards eventual purchase. Plus, a lot of stores will have a guaranteed buyback program in place, where if you buy a 1/4 size, and then trade it up, you get most, if not all of the money you paid on the smaller one towards the larger one.

I agree wholeheartedly about bringing siblings to lessons. Younger siblings are welcome at lessons in my studio if they aren't tearing through the house or anything like that. Plus, my kids love the bonus playmates. Good luck in your journey!

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