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Musings of a 3 year old

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My son has asked me some tough questions today. I thought I'd share.

1. What are bugs for? He often asks what things are "for" ("What's skin for?" was a previous question).

2. What I am? To which I responded, "You are (ds's name)". That wasn't it. I tried "boy", "three", and "my son" to no avail. Finally he said, "I'm a he." Guess he was working on pronouns.

3. Just as I thought he was falling asleep tonight he rolled over and asked, "What are ghosts?" I said they were pretend monsters and that they were kind of like smoke. He said, "What do they eat?" I said "Nothing." He said, "No, they aren't. They're cheese."

What are your kids wondering about?
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My 3 yo dd is absolutely full of questions. But an interesting thing came up with her today. . .LONG story short. . .

She told her preschool teacher this morning that she had a little sister named Clara, which she does not. She has a little brother named Chandler. However, I am pg, and we found out this afternoon that we are having a girl. A little premonition on her part? Dh and I like the name Clara, so maybe it's a sign!
My three year old asked me this morning how bees make their hives. He asked what part of their bodies they use to do it. I hate to admit I have no clue...time for a trip to the library!
My youngest ds 3.5 and I were chatting today and he asked who he would look like when he grew up and I aksed mommy? daddy? uncle? He said no to all and then says " I know I will look like Jesus"
That blew my mind a little considering I do not take him to church with me and my oldest yet???
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My 3 year old ds recently asked me what 'dying off' was (as in the dinosaurs dying off) ..... too deep for 3. He also tells me all the time that he is 'just kidding' and actually made up a joke the other day:

Ethan "Mommy I have a joke for you"
Me "OK"
Ethan "I have a fly, a car and a goose"
Me "OK"
Ethan "Its a flying car pet LOLOLOLOLOLOLO"

He thought it was *hysterical*
: I could have died laughing.

The thing that I tend to do is ask *him* what things mean....espically when he is using 'big' word or concepts in his speaking. It is very intereting to hear what his 'definition' of thoughts and words are and really opens my eyes to how his brain works. I ask him more questions then he asks me some days....and it is really neat to hear him give me the 'answers'

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A flying car pet... :LOL :LOL :LOL Mylo is too little for many deep thoughts yet, but I know they're in there! I can't wait until he's old enough to have those kinds of conversations with me.
Dd is constantly asking what things are made of - what are trees made of, what are houses made of, dogs, people, etc. Sometimes she really hits upon something that totally stumps me! I just got her a set of books with titles like "From Wax to Crayons" and "From Beans to Chocolate" to help her in her quest to know what all things are made of.
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