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If we think that we can only identify the rise of fascism by the arrival of its mature form -- the goosestepping brownshirts, the full-fledged use of violence and intimidation tactics, the mass rallies -- then it will be far too late.
I've got to quit coming here right before I try to go to sleep, too much fuel for nightmares!

Thanks for posting this link Marlena, I've got thru the 1st 2 sections. I have been thinking alot about "newspeak." The whole "Fair & Balanced" lawsuit brougt it vividly to mind.

Re: Rush Limbaugh, I am a big football fan (prolly not too many here, but...) & this year they have him on ESPN as a commentator & the sound of his voice makes me absolutely ill, even when he's talking about sports not politics. I had to click channels!

I'll be more motivated to keep reading if there's a discussion here, anybody else?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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