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I usually never indulge in any new stuff for diapering other than the basics... prefolds, wool, training pants and such... but after hearing so many good things about Muttaqin baby... I took the plunge!

I ordered the purple ladybugs aio and the ice cream fitted! I really wanted the Hello Kitty aio but I snoozed... so I losed
No biggie. Should have bought it YESTERDAY when it was still there

I also went and bought some liquid wow... cucumber melon and tangerine spice! I can't wait to get it!!!!

I just wanted to share
I rarely get new fluffymail so this is exciting
Actually had money in the paypal account so I better not go crazy!


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Originally Posted by Frogmorest
I ordered the purple ladybugs aio
How dare you take that from me mama!!!
Just kidding!! You definitely deserve it! And coming from MuttaQin, you'll definitely love it!
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