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Muttaqin is soooo tempting sometimes!

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I am not a fan of PUL anymore....

BUT I keep looking at Muttaqin. Why does she have to have such cuuuuute Hello Kitty AIO's?

I don't need them. I probably *wouldn't use them*!!!

I know she has fitteds.... but it's like the *SAME* price practically to get an AIO. So I could never get a fitted, because I would *know* I could get the AIO for a $1 more.

Sigh, I'm a dork.

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I love her AIOs (and fitteds for that matter). That purple ladybugs has been yelling at me for a few days. I have 5 fitted and 3 AIOs from her.
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I LOVE her AIOs on my DS. I actually had to buy 2 more (even though I shouldn't have) to try to at least have a full days worth of dipes for DS. I also like that I can reuse them with babe on the way. I think you should get one to try. It doesn't seem at all plasticy.
I just got my first fitted from her last week and I gotta say I love the fit. It is so trim and light weight.
Yeah, I'm just anti-PUL though.... it doesn't breathe enough... and I have so much wool now... kwim?

And dh can't handle a mixed system.... we've tried... ahhahaha. If we have AIO's I have to hide them and use them when he's not changing her.... it confuses him.... WAY too much...

Thing is... I am firmly rooted on the wagon, I have ALL I need!! I just was wandering her site while I loaded up her info on DiaperSearch and sort of fell in love all over again.


Ahhh, I know! I don't like snap in soakers as much as sewn in one end soakers.... ha! I knew there was something I didn't like about them!
You did me in
I ordered the H.Kitty aio and a fitted to try :LOL
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Good job Pam!

I'm glad I provided adequate temptation for someone else!
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You evil temptress, you! Back I say!

**will....not.....add to cart........**
You're not helping me OR my spot on the wagon....I SO want a mutt...or 2 or 3......I keep going there and filling up my cart and leaving.
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My older daughter would of forced me to buy the Hello Kitty one if it were not already sold!


Sorry Angelica, my belly was feeling a little squished on the wagon, so I layed down and spread out.... I didn't mean to bump anyone off the wagon in the process.... but what can I say??

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