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Muttaqin wool covers...

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How do these run, size-wise? I haven't got a clue about measurements -- I usually just go by the weight estimates, and she doesn't give them...

I'm eyeing an ebay auction for a medium cover and one-size diaper set -- it would be so perfect!! Embroidered with Princess on the bum!!! (thats what I call my DD). But, I don't know if the medium is the right size or not... Can someone help?

DD is 3month old -- 12 pounds. Wears the one-size on the lowest rise
DS is 19 monts old -- 24+ pounds. Wears the one-size on the middle or highest rise.

What would their Mutt sizes be? hee hee
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I have a large DS is 29lbs and 35+ inches and he has plenty of room. They are great even overnight. I just emailed her about another one. She is great for answering questions and ususally gets back fairly quick ( Michelle) The med may be a little big but even if it is she will grow! I think she has a small baby also ask her for a size reference.
I also have a 3 month old and I have 2 of her wool cover/diaper sets in size Medium and they fit my DD like a dream! Medium should fit your 3 month old just fine
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We have size large and it fits my ds (16 months, 27 pounds) on the tightest setting. We could definately get away with a medium too.
I so bad want to buy that set!! I wonder if DH would kill me, though... I just got a coupon for $10 off an ebay purchase of $50 or more, too. If I did the BIN, the price is $55....

ugh.... so hard to decide.... I'm supposed to be on the wagon...
that cover is really beautiful I just bought one of her cover off of ebay but havent gotten it yet cant wait to try it on Chloe I hope you get that cover it is so pretty.
Well, that lovely set is now mine...

My little Princess Emma will look adorable in her princess butt cover -- :LOL

And I put it on my credit card, so DH doesn't have to know about it right away... and I just got the statement for that card, so it'll be another month before the bill comes in.

Thanks ladies!
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I am so jealous, I so wanted to get it, but I hate to get mediums when she is in mostly larges and Idon't know when she will slim down.
maybe you could email her and ask if she can do that embroidery on a large.
i have an email to her right now about the large set on her site with the star on it. DH is really into me getting stuff that says peanut on it cuz thats his name for her
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