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MW Appt Tomorrow, any wisdom?

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Well, about 2 weeks ago dh and I decided that we are seriuosly considering switching from a birth center birth to a homebirth.
We are both pretty comfortable with this, in fact, I think we are a bit relieved to think about having the baby at home, rather then at the birth center; the birth center is absolutely fabulous, but I think that dh, ds and I will all be more comfy at home
Of course we have a gazillion questions to ask my mw - and we have our appt tomorrow.

for you mamas who have homebirthed, is there anything I really need to ask her about that I might be forgetting? I have a fairly comprehensive list! But for been there done that mamas, is there anything special I should be focusing on???? Or, any other words of wisdom??

Thanks, I am so excited!
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unfortunatly, never had a homebirth. I would love to, but probably not going to happen...

Good luck though!!

Are you planning on homebirthing with a midwife or unassisted? Would you still have the same care giver as you would if you were at the birth center?

My main concern would be having complete control over every aspect of the birth and delivery and what and where baby goes right after delivery.

What I like best about homebirthing (never has a hospital birth) is that nobody takes by baby after. I get them covered in vernix with cord still intact for as long as I want and to nurse immediately. I get to say when the placenta is delivered and I get to choose which position I want to push in.

My baby isn't subject to being whisked off to a plastic box all naked and cold to be poked in the foot or rubbed excessively to get them "clean". Even during the dielivery, their face isn't raped with an aspirator. When I see that on delivery videos, my heart just goes out to that baby.

Being at home is so warm and comforting and you don't get hooked up to anything or piked to be checked every hour. I never had an internal exam. I knew when it was time to push because baby was crowning. No body needed to tell me.

I'm not sure what questions to ask, but I know I highly recommend a home birth. It's is wonderful.
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I'm sure you have all the questions you need to ask. I would just say listen to what your gut says. It sound trite, but if she meets everything you want and you click then that's the right one for you.

I saw a woman walking down the hall at the BIRTH Fair and I told dh that I wanted that woman to be at the birth of our next child. I had no idea who she was, but I saw her speak on a midwifery panel that day and she was our midwife for our second child and now this little one.
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