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MW Appt. Update - Feeling Relieved!

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Hi Everyone!

In some previous threads I mentioned my concern about going early (due date is May 14) mostly because I started to feel some really strong contractions, lots of pelvic pressure and then I had a suspicion the baby had dropped (I'd been carrying low already this pregnancy- so it was hard to tell!).

DH and I went to midwife appt yesterday (without DS...which let us focus! LOL) and talked about things (like my worry!). Decided to do a pelvic so we know if I should really get off my feet! Baby is engaged! I love it that I *know* this even when I don't *know* it! I am 80% effaced - but cervix is still tightly closed! I will continue to stay hydrated and try to rest (yeah, right!). I really want to wait to have baby until after 38 weeks! (Blessingway is scheduled for 38 we are having HB!).

MW also quelled DH's fears about missing the birth because of another birth. She also talked about preparations in case she didn't get here in time (A huge possibility considering my first birth was 6.5 hrs and that included a 30 minute drive to hospital where my contractions slowed! - and we are over an hours away from her!) -

If anyone is interested - some ideas she had to "slow" labor if she is on her way were - hands and knees, no showers or birth tub (until she gets her!), no toliet (I completely understand this one - toliet is where I transitioned with ds!). But if baby comes anyway - she showed us a great delivery position (one knee on foot with dh in front of me) and told us the essentials (towels and bulb syringe). I'll be able to pick baby up and nurse etc until she gets here. This is all just "back-up" due to my fast labor history tho!

My DH is so awesome - completely comfortable with this! I can't wait!

Thanks for reading this!
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SO glad that your MW was able to calm some anxiety for you (and your Hub!) It sounds like everyone is getting prepared over there and things should go smoothy! Ee! How exciting!

I'm in a similar boat, history of going early, short previous labor, LONG way to the birth center, etc etc. I'm trying to do some reading up on unassisted birthing, just in case!

Sending that babe some extra sticky vibes to just stay in there til 38 weeks. Sounds like it's looking good.
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Things sound all good mama, fabulous!
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Sounds great! I'm glad she was able to relieve you and dh of those fears!
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