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My 18 M.O. has turned into a nursing fanatic!

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DS has always had a healthy appetite for mommymilk. He has always nursed from one side or the other, and we just rotated right-left-right, etc, throughout the day. For the last month, he has demanded to nurse from both sides at once, to the point where he gets the milk flowing on one side and switches to the other side, and I have milk dripping all over the place. Yes, as so many people have said, he's nursing like a newborn, only MORE (as if that were possible!) Some of his nursing sessions are really quick, some are loooong. I think mostly he just wants to be close to me.

As for solid foods, he has a good appetite, sometimes. Some days he eats a bunch, other days he just wants milk (or so it seems) and maybe just a few snacks. If we're out and about, he'll do well just eating whatever is available, but when we're home, he wants to nurse all the time.

I'm not really worried or overly frustrated about it, just wanted to share, and maybe get some similar stories. I guess I just wonder how long will this phase last, but it soudns like (from reading other posts) it might last quite a while! It's just so bizarre that he suddenly wants to nurse from both sides-at the same time- a lot!

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Girl, I could have written your post! My dd is 18 mo and yesterday I think we literally spent HOURS attached at the boob. Some of that I think is because she had been sick so no grudge there but if it keeps up I'm seriously considering setting some limits! Not too many though since we are on an elimination diet and most of her nutrition is still coming from me.

I was feeling rather 'touched out' last night and said to DH that I really needed another set of boobs to give this set a break.........he said while you are at it get another set for me, I miss them!

Looking forward to hearing what other moms have to say
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