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I won't lie to you guys and say I'm not mortified to talk about this. BUT I would love some advice.

My partner and I have a daughter (my stepdaughter, but she has chosen to see me as mommy).

She is 2 and a half, and today she used a bath toy while bathing to touch her "little lady bits". I was struck between embarrassment and feeling slightly horrified. She has explored before, but it was literally two seconds, and thus she forgot. But I told her (not harshly) not to do that with her toys.

I know it's natural. But not only did she do it again, she was staring at my face the entire time (I caught her in my peripherals). She also did it through her pull up on the way to dinner one night, and she was staring at me then, too. I'm gonna be honest, the staring part freaks me out.

She has been going through potty training as of late, if that helps. To my knowledge her father and I do not spend unnecessary time cleaning her up down there. We are normal about it, and we are always with her, so what if the staring is her trying to get my attention? I really pray that isn't the case, as she has never had to perform such "activities" for me to spend time with her.

I recently found out from my partner that her birth mothers stepdad behaved inappropiately with her and her sister whilst they were growing up. I nearly died where I sat, because they are in a custody battle to where she is to spend every Saturday at their house, (her mom lives there).

I'm not saying anything has been done. But if you believed it enough to regurgitate it back to me, that is a blaring red alarm bell in my head. That's whole other monster I will have to tackle.

I'm just on edge and need advice. Is that one factor making me hyper anxious? Is this still normal?
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