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My 2yo has just been dx with asthma! Help!

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Ok first some background. I live in the UK. Asthma is high here, really high. We have a small family history of it, my brother had asthma as a child, outgrew it, and ds granny had it as a child. Neither me or dh had asthma as children. Ds was never sick in his life until 6 weeks ago, where he developed a severe chest infection with asthmatic reaction...couldnt breathe, wheezing, etc. I did hear him wheeze before after running a lot or bouncing, but nothing major. He would stop as soon as he rested. So then......... the doctor says now he has asthma and he has been put on inhalers we have to go back in 2 weeks for further med discussions. Might I add, now he is sick AGAIN, with a double ear infection and upper respiratory infection. He has never had an antibiotic until 6 weeks ago with the chest infection, and now he is back on them again. I dont like this one bit. I dont feel comfortable. I really have no choice...there are no peds here really, so you see a family doctor, you dont really have second opinions so I am pretty much stuck with this dx. Does anyone have a child with asthma? Any ideas?
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My 2.5 yo was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 1 year and we have fought with it since she was an infant. Our original ped tried to convince us she would need meds but our new ped works with us and has given us the education and warning signs of when and what to use for her asthma as it now only acts up when she is sick with a cold and turns into croup. So we have a nebulizer and 2 different prescriptions that we only use when we fear her breathing is compromised. Of course this is after trying showers.

What are you looking for answer wise? I know that many children outgrow asthma or it gets better with age. I also know that instead of albuterol insist on crap i forget the spelling but i believe its zypotec?? Ill have to ask my dh in the morning as he is the one that deals with her asthma meds 99% of the time. The albuteral really wires them and gives them the shakes whereas the other stuff does not. Also the nebulizer is a much easier than an inhalor which you have to stick over there mouth. Ummm also asthma is prone to be worsened by allergies, not sure what season it is over there. But our springs are always worse for my dd. Hope that helps somewhat. Listen to your gut momma!
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Hi thanks for your fast reply! I basically wanted to know how you know if your child has asthma. Honestly. I dont feel like my son has it. Im not like in denial or anything, its just weird. He never had ANY breathing problems until this chest infection. Wouldnt he have had probs before this? And he has not had any breathing problems since then. He doesnt even cough. Its weird to have this dx when I cant see a problem really. Is there such an asthma that only flares while having chest infections? For ex, right now, I say he is sick, he has the ear infections and the upper resp infec. He has no wheezing or breathing problems with this at all. If he really had asthma wouldnt he have problems now? He does cough, but it is mostly after activity or in the morning. But he has only had two doses of antibiotic and already is coughing less. Its just sudden, kwim? I just really cant see the big picture here, feel like this has been slapped on him.
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What does the cough sound like? Like a wheeze? When you put your ear to his back and listen to him breath is it bubbly? Or when he coughs does it get that barking cough that sounds like a seal? The chest infection could very well just be in his lungs and therefor they are slapping the diagnoses on him. Im surprised that after one visit the doc labeled him as asthmatic. In the US in cali the insurance companies dont even like to diagnose the kids til age 2 and that is WITH persistant problems arising from asthma like symptoms.

Listen to your gut momma and hugs for you and your son!
Hi, nope no barking cough or anything or wheezing. He only wheezed for 3 days when he had that infection. His cough is a chesty cough, like there is some mucus stuck in his throat or something. His chest checked clear yesterday, but in his upper chest he has some mucus, though it is not wheezy at all. The on call dr. I saw yesterday was surprised when I told him ds had just been dx with asthma. I agree, I just feel like they gave this diagnosis with no ground. Like I said, he has NEVER honestly been sick prior to 6 weeks ago, sleeps through the night 11 hours solid, takes a great nap in the day, etc. We are moving back to the states in June. I will go to a ped there and get a real diagnosis. I will give him the inhalers for 2 weeks for now to see if I see a change in something but after that I am not putting him on any other meds until I see someone in the states. Thanks for your advice.
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