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My 3 yr old really likes the taste of the powder in the probiotic capsules (why I don't know) but anyway I found her hiding in a corner with the bottle this afternoon. She had powder all of her mouth so I know she ate some. How much I don't know. I am thinking between 2 and 4 capsules.

My question is - is it dangerous for her to get that much at once? I can't find anything. Also FYI she has had diarrhea for the last couple of days too so I don't know if that will cause more issues.

Thanks for the info!

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You can't over-dose on probiotics. It's ok.
For future reference though any time I'm even a little bit concerned about something like that I call poison control. They're always available, always accurate, nice, and it's anonymous.

Do make sure there are no vitamins in with the probiotic.
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