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On August 5th at 5:15 pm Baby Kailin finally made her appearance at exactly 42 weeks!

She weighs 8 lbs 4 oz (12 oz bigger then Cadan)

She is 20 1/2 inches long and her head was 13 1/2.

She has dark hair and blue eyes. She came into the word screaming before she was even all the way out. She was very pissed to be coming out and screamed until 1 am when she had her first poop. After that she became angel baby and coos and smiles and blows bubbles.

My labor was 17 hours but only 4 of them were hard.
My midwive came and checked me at 1pm and found me to be at 4cm so I figured since my first labor was so long I had a ways to go. She left and I climbed into the tub to see if that would help. Well I was not in there more then five minutes when I had an excruitaing contraction. I climbed out of the tub in agony, this would not be a water baby. My attending midwife called about 30 minutes later to get an update (the midwife who checked me was in the neighborhood but not the one that would in attend) In the 30 minute span since the 1st midwife had left my contractions went from manageable to unbearable. I was practically doing hand stands on the bed thru each one. There was no pattern sometimes they were right on top sometimes 3-5 minutes It was crazy and unpredictable. The attending midwife and her assist came at around 2:30. I was at the point were I was telling myself I was nuts for doing this again and I should have just gotten the drugs. I was also thinking what a woose I was in labor for so much longer with Cadan before I felt like this...what I hadn't come to realise was that I was in transition. At 4 something pm I asked the midwife to check me...I was at 9 cm...that is what i needed to hear I got so excited. Well I quickly went from 9 to full and began pushing I pushed on my knees for a bit and the bag of waters burst. Pretty incredible. Well I really needed support to push so Daniel climb in back and I used hi mto push. Once I was in that position I marathon pushed her out in no time. She came out after 20-30 minutes of pushing and was a crazy experieince and being it happned so much faster then with Cadan I got alot more from it and actually saw her come out (I never saw that wiht Cadan because I was to tired to care). She was born in Moms and Dad's bed, she came out in the same position as she was in the womb side

She loves sleeping on her side and is a champ at breastfeeding.
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