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I don't think I should be worried, but it is odd. I am used to sending about 12oz to daycare for a 9 1/2 hour day. 3- 4oz bottles.
for the past few days she has only had 8-10 oz. Today she only ate 4 oz. Refused a bottle from either daycare worker. (2 tried) She is nursing fine at home. We do as soon as we get home. I live only 5 min. away. Then again before bath, and to fall asleep. usually twice in the night (we co-sleep) and in the morning right before we leave for daycare and work. She does show signs of teeting, so it could be that... she is not eating solids. I tried a little cereal, and then mashed bananas, she did NOT like it. I want to wait a little while longer on that.
The only good thing is I put over 20 ounces in the freezer in the last 3 days.
Anyone have any ideas for me?
Should I try solids @ daycare?
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