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we spent monday morning in the ER when his temp hit 100.5 at 3 am (per ped's advice). It was a long morning, made longer by the jerky attending who kept pressuring us to do a lumbar puncture. We refused, there were some raised voices and threats made by him, we still refused, and thankfully his RSV screen came back quickly with a positive result and a source of the infection.

But now he's a sick little guy! We are carefully watching his respirations and temp, and know to head to the hospital to admit him if his resp gets to 65 (it's been 60 all day). Send us healthy vibes that he recovers without another trip to the hospital!!!

Our 2 year old dd now has a nasty cold, and so do I. NO FUN! But he's really the one we're worried about.

Thanks for listening!
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